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Page Hero Landing Page Tailwind CSS drafts


Sections hand-crafted for your next landing page, with copywriting tips included!

All you need for deploying your landing in minutes

Template made for developers and indie hackers

Our Tailwind CSS Landing Page Template is made for who don't have time to waste.

Responsive Landing Page Template HTML and CSS
icon about easy customization of this Tailwind css template

Easy to customize

Customize the color palette, components, and fonts using Tailwind CSS. Make edits once and customize all elements of the template!

icon about marketing tips included in this Tailwind css template

Copywriting tips inside

Marketing is our expertise. Inside our template, you'll find copywriting tips to easly convert a user into a customer.

icon about fast deploy of this Tailwind css template

Deploy fast

As an indie developer, you need to launch your MVP quickly to validate it. That's why PageHero provides ready-to-use templates.

All sections you neet to boost your sales

Your "Swiss Army Knife" of Landing Page with 13 full customizable blocks

The HeroPage template gives you access to a variety of sections that you can use to effectively launch your app, SaaS or MVP through a high-converting landing page.

Example of a Hero Section

Eye Catching Hero Section

Grab the attention of your user with one of these 2 eye catching hero sections.

Example of Main Content Area

Main Content Section

You have to generate interest. Talk about benefits and obtain users interest.

Example of features section

Features Section

Also features are important so you can choose between 2 well designed sections.

Example of pricing section

Awesome Pricing Tables

Present your price clearly and in an organized way using proper graphic hierarchy.

Example of testimonial sections

Testimonials Section

Social proof is essential. You will find 2 different styles in the template.

Example of call to action area

Call To Action Area

An elegant and high-converting CTA area is crucial for boosting your conversions.

13 eye-catching blocks ready to use

Full template, developed for every needs

Design your landing page to capture the user's attention and lead them to conversion. You can use all the blocks in the template or just the ones you need.

See examples below for a full template view!

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Page Hero Template Wireframe Example

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    • Federico is an exceptional marketer!

      He has proven to be an excellent professional in his work which makes the most of his considerable experience.

      He is a skilled communicator and strategist.

      But what makes him unique is his ability to deliver results.

      I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a marketing specialist and website/landing page developer!

      Growth Marketer
      Riccardo Visioli Pic
    • I had the opportunity to collaborate with Federico of for the creation of a landing page and I was very satisfied.

      I highly recommend his templates.

      Federico's landing pages have an attractive and professional design, and are created with the eye of an expert marketer and not of a developer.

      Web Marketing Expert
      Rick Spad
    • I have been working with Federico for several years.

      I can only confirm his professionalism in creating landing pages.

      The pages he creates are detailed in design and marketing communication, which is crucial in improving the conversion of individual pages!

      Marketer & Co-Founder Upper Marketing
      Daniele Piani

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Our HTML and Tailwind CSS templates is the ideal solution for developers and indie hackers looking to launch their projects quickly and stress-free.

Designed by a marketing expert with an eye for good design, this template provide a simple and fast implementation solution, with included copywriting tips.

With Page Hero you can quickly launch your product, app or MVP without spending a lot of time on design and create an high-converting landing page!

The pages he creates are detailed in design and marketing communication, which is crucial in improving the conversion of individual pages!
Daniele Piani - Marketer and Co-Founder Upper Marketing

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Build in Tailwind CSS

13 Responsive Blocks ready to use

Easy to customize with your brand elements

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Something about me

Hello, my name is Federico Presta, the PageHero founder.
I am a freelancer, I am indie hacker, I am an entrepreneur... Wait a minute. Each of these labels would be too narrow.

I have been working mainly in marketing for more than 11 years, more specifically in its web expression: analysis, strategy, copywriting and creating sales paths (some people might call them funnels).

My goal with is to provide you a ready-to-use landing page template, to quickly launch your app or MVP, without having to think about the page design.

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Page Hero founder Federico Presta